Chipboard vs. Corrugated

         10 Corrugate C-Flute .150pt sheets*                                      50 Paperboard Sheets .030pt* 

                                                         Sheets per      Pallets per       Sheets per
                                                         Pallet               Truckload        Truckload

Corrugate C-Flute .150pt                  320                  56                     17,920

Paperboard Sheets  .024pt            2,000                   21                     42,000

Paperboard Sheets  .030pt            1,600                   21                     33,600


Paperboard sheet compared to corrugated sheet:

Minimum 5% reduction in weight
Minimum 15% material cost savings
Lower freight costs – over 2 times more sheets shipped per truckload
Store 5 times the amount of sheets per unit of storage
Engineered for consistent performance in automated palletizers.