Calipers: .012pt - .050pt
Design flexibility: square or diagonal custom corners and/or sizes
Custom die-cut designs available


Made with 100% recycled fiber
Minimum 85% post-consumer fibers
Acceptable in commercial OCC recycling programs
FSC certification is available


AmeriKrate by American Converting.

Multi-paneled hinged solid fiber paperboard that is 100% Recyclable in waste stream.
The unique hinge allows AmeriKrate to ship flat and takes less warehouse space.

AmeriKrate is effective in protecting long, large expensive products when ultimate

protection are top priorities.


-Custom Designed to fit your application
-Dent and moisture resistant
-Square and triangular boxes available
-Superior beam strength vs. corrugated
-Simple set-up 2,3,4,5 and 6 or more panel options available
-Random Pre-print and poly coatings available
-Exempt from export packaging rules
-Up to 300” long and 34” wide with a wide range of calipers offered
-Printing Available

Our Products

Pallet Sheets

Made 100% recycled fibers and completely recyclable, paperboard sheets are the cost effective solution that protects products on pallets during shipping, storage and retail display.

Protect your products by using paperboard sheets as:

Top covers on pallets
Liners on pallets
Tier sheets between product layers to improve pallet cube integrity

" Custom size to your needs for all your

packaging and shipping needs "....

Custom Packaging  Available




Recycled Paperboard

Chipboard Pads

Chipboard Sheets

Chipboard Slip Sheets

Layer Sheets

Push Pull Sheets

Pallet Pads

Separator Sheets

Pallet Slip Sheets

Scored Sheets

Chipboard  Strips

Tier Sheets


Odd Shapes die cut components

Round die cut  circles

Laminated Sheets

Pasted Sheets

Corner Guard

Paper Rolls